Two couples of rooms in order to accommodate comfortably a family with one child or two children.
Here you can find a double bed room and another bedroom, with two separated single beds. Both of the two rooms have got private services.
A little passageway and a third door allow to join the two rooms, in order to guarantee the privacy of the family and of the single family member.


Soundproofed room
Private bathroom with shower or bathtub
Free wi-fi
Free Internet ADSL connection
Television with pay per view channels

Wood and natural colors in order to evoke the warm atmosphere of the mountain.

A large Private bathroom with shower or bathtub.

Television with pay per view channels, so you don’t miss your favorite programs!

Custom rooms with warm and pleasant colors in order to make you feel at home.

Free wi-fi and free Internet ADSL connection.

From the large window of the bathroom you can admire the beautiful landscape of the Alps.

The two rooms can be simply joined by an opened door.